Quiet Places IX

"Rebecca's  Garden  Project Alma, Illinois - USA"

The Beginning -- Making Room For A Garden

The William Hester Memorial Garden in Alma Ill.

"The Garden Statue"

"The Quiet Place"

When I think of what 2 older women were able to do with this site, I want to inspire other small towns to take a look at what can be done. Everyone should go back and read the children's book " The Little Engine That Could", and then get started! We older folks can do a lot if we try. My license plate is L Red Hen for a reason. -- Rebecca

The Summer Of 2002

The post register was added this spring. We have been pleasantly surprised to see all the different towns and several states listed from the visitors . Alma has a population of 400. Many local residents now frequently bring visiting family and friends to see the garden

The Mandivilla

Links to other gardens by Rebecca

"Rebecca's  Garden  Project Alma, Illinois - USA"

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Rebecca's Farm Garden In Kimmundy, Illinois -- USA

Rebecca's Summer House In Kimmundy, Illinois -- USA

"Rebecca's  Garden  Project Alma, Illinois - USA" - 2003

Sohpi's Daffidillys In Kimmundy, Illinois -- USA

The Road To Becky's Rural Garden, Illinois -- USA

Rebecca's Spring Garden In Kimmundy, Illinois -- USA

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